Exploring the unexplored


On hearing about our plans to travel, so many people commented on how brave we were. To pack up our lives and hit the road for a couple of months. Some were envious, some were relieved it wasn’t them and some were surprised. But I think most people were all concerned with how we were going to do it, logistically. I suppose it’s one of those things that until you do it, you don’t realise how easy it is to do. And I think that’s what has struck me the most- I also secretly thought I was quite brave, but now I realise that it wasn’t as daunting a task as I first thought.

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Food! Glorious food!!


Eleven days… That’s how long we found ourselves camping out in Hoi An for… This amounted to about 17% of our trip thus far, which is by far the largest chunk of time we’ve spent anywhere. This was owed partly to the Tet festival, which resulted in most of the transportation being fully booked as all the Vietnamese head home for the holiday. There are definitely worse places in the world to be stranded, and so we settled in to experience one of the most gorgeous cities in Vietnam.

Besides the actual Tet celebration, where I will let the photos speak for themselves, we engulfed ourselves in what Hoi An had to offer… shopping, beaching and food, glorious food!!!!

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‘Da Lat’-ful!!

(*cringe* I just couldn’t help myself)

My last post resulted in a number of concerned messages from friends and family (thanks peeps!). The post, however, was meant to be a bit tongue-in-cheek and while we did have a rough couple of days, I can probably admit that we didn’t deserve some of the sympathy. It’s left me feeling mildly guilty for alarming people.. so no need to panic people, we are back in action!

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The tide turns…

So it was bound to end at some point- we’d had the luckiest and longest streak of traveling bliss, with nothing whatsoever to complain about. Everyone kept asking ‘Has it sunk in yet?’ (i.e. tell us it’s actually a bad idea to quit your jobs and travel) and we kept replying sheepishly that we still felt like we were on some sort of extended holiday.
And then it hit us. Oh and it hit us hard.
The past ten days have plagued us with tummy bugs, a case of food poisoning, throat infections, and a couple of bus trips from hell.
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The plight of the pillow

So, everyone laughed at me when they saw that I was taking my pillow with me- no one thought it would last given the amount of travelling we would be doing. Also, I am notoriously bad at remembering to bring my pillow home from all our local South African holidays we’ve been on, which has resulted in a number of mismatched pillow cases littering our linen collection.
But those of you who know me also know that I am extremely fussy about my sleeping environment, which also lead to a number of comments and bets on how long before I checked myself into a 5 star hotel. Thanks for the vote of confidence people!

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Friends, festivities and fun times!

After the bustling busy-ness of Bangkok, it has really been great to do some holidaying the best way that I know how… Beach style!
We arrived in Koh Chang which is an awesome little island off the coast of Thailand, near to the southern border of Cambodia. Mark has really taken a liking to blogging, so those of you who are interested, please check out his blogΒ backpackfit.comΒ where he’s written some really entertaining posts on Koh Chang and some of our other experiences. He also has posted a link with our high level itinery (subject to change) but its nice to give you an idea of the route we are taking.

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